Out Building Career. Be Back Later.

As some of you may know in 2012 I moved back to the Ann Arbor area to┬ástart ThoughtWell Media, an art collective consisting Videographer Charles Steen, Illustrator David Carr, Photographer Patrick O’Gara, and myself.

While updating my online presence I hesitated to completely delete this blog. There were several old posts I wished to keep and believe this will be a good place to discuss my personal endeavors in the future. However, the joys of being a small business owner and working day jobs just isn’t conducive for running my own blog at this time.

So until the Benjamin’s start rolling in and my images are featured in every major publication on the planet I would like to invite you to follow my adventures via a few links:


  • Thoughtwellmedia.com
  • facebook.com/thoughtwellmedia
  • twitter.com/thoughtwellteam



-Jordan Buzzy